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Glove Box, Gas & Solvent Purification Systems

Glove Box Systems for Manufacturing and Research

Glove Box Systems Whether you are handling chemicals, pharmaceutical or biological materials, hermetically sealing fiber optic components welding, or processing lithium batteries or LED's, controlled atmospheres are essential to your work. Innovative Technology Inc. provides superior glove boxes, isolators, solvent purification systems, and gas purification systems.

Manufacturers and researchers all over the world trust our systems
for their safety and reliability.

At Innovative Technology, we don't just sell systems, we design and manufacture them. We have an intimate knowledge of our products, and we are involved in quality control every step of the way. In addition to standard products, we also build and install customized systems, providing individual solutions for your company's individual needs. Our service is unsurpassed. We provide you with quick response time, rapid quotes, and individual attention, with highly trained technicians available to assist you.

Products from Innovative Technology

Glove Box Systems

Glove Boxes The PureLab Glove Box and Gas Purification System is affordable and efficient, perfect for both manufacturing and research. Innovative Technology realizes that staff are responsible for multiple tasks, so the PureLab Glove Box is automated, so no one has to expend valuable time taking the glove box through its cycles.
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Custom Glove Boxes

Custom Glove Boxes Innovative Technology has custom glove box systems for more involved applications, like the Powder Handling Glove Box , UV Spectrophotometer Glove Box designed to house a high performance deep-UV spectrophotometer, and Chemical Dispensing System for packaging specialty chemicals.
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Solvent Purification Systems

Solvent Purification Systems When your laboratory is using and purifying solvents, safety is a big issue. You want to prevent injury to your staff or damage to your lab due to fires caused by typical distillation methods. The PureSolv Solvent Purification System is fast becoming a requirement in all laboratories that are using and purifying solvents. It's designed to purify HPLC grade solvents, removing moisture and oxygen without any heating elements.
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Gas Purification Systems

Gas Purification Systems The GP series of gas purifiers are designed to be free standing units for use with any glove box. Innovative Technology, Inc. designs and manufactures gas purification systems with special features including a microprocessor controller, variable speed blower and easy installation.
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Tell us what you need

We design, manufacture and install isolation and containment systems for all size companies, from standard glove boxes to customized systems capable of enclosing an entire process. We can work with you to determine which system best meets your specific needs. Our technicians can travel anywhere in the world to install your system, or we can walk you through all the steps so you can install your own system.

Safe Reliable Solutions for:

  • Chemical Research and Manufacturing
  • Biological Processing and Safety
  • Materials Research and Manufacturing
  • Pharmaceutical Research and Manufacturing
  • Titanium Welding and Heat Treating
  • Other Processes

Safety and Reliability trusted by companies all over the world

Innovative Technology is an industry leader. We work with companies and institutions all over the world. As an Innovative Technology customer, you'll receive the same quality products, exceptional value, and superior service as some of the leading manufacturing and research companies.

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Call us (978-462-4415) or request more information online to learn more about our Glove Box Systems and other Isolation/Containment solutions.

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